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Easy & Ready-to-use Loyalty Program with Points and Coupons by Mobile Number

Grow your customer loyalty and make them keep coming back to your business with PointSpot, points system and promotional coupons. Easy to use and get started for free!

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PointSpot points rewards business loyalty program register free



PointSpot Highlights

Easy for Customer to collect point by simply telling mobile number.

Save your business cost with NO more paper reward card! Introducing the new easy way to accumulate points like never before by telling mobile number > receive points via SMS > check balance or redeem rewards.

PointSpot Points Rewards Promotion Coupon Loyalty Program



Manage Everything Easily on Website

Give points to customer, manage rewards, create promotional coupons or see your business statistics. Easy for Store to manage rewards and assign points through browser on any devices.

PointSpot Points Rewards Promotion Coupon Loyalty Program

More Fun! Transfer Your Points to Your Friend.

Let your beloved friends, family or special one enjoy; and treasure every moment with rewards redemption easily by transfering your own points to them by phone number.



Benefits of PointSpot

PointSpot Packages

Start using PointSpot for FREE today or upgrade to pro package to unlock more features.


*Pro Package fee will apply when either total members reach 20; or when transactions exceed 20 per months.

* The price does not include 7% VAT

Calculation Example for Business A who has 1,000 members and 1,500 transactions in January 2020:

- The first 500 members are free of charge; and 0.02 USD per members for 500 members.

- The first 500 Transactions are free of charge;and 0.02 USD per transactions for 1,000 members.

Total fee of January:

[15 USD(Monthly Fee) + 500*0.02(Members) + 1000*0.02(Transactions)] + 7% VAT = 48 USD





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